About interior doors tax deduction

Are you wondering whether interior doors are subject to tax deductions according to the latest legal provisions?


How to clean the interior doors

In order to keep the interior doors in good condition and significantly increase their durability it is very important to clean them correctly.


Interior doors: how to choose the best material

When you build your own house or renovate it, the choice of interior doors is one of the most important in aesthetic and functional terms.


Shangai showroom

It is a new and prestigious location in the center of Shanghai, 350 square meters and with the most acclaimed Italian design brands: it is the Hong Kong IBON group that opens in Shanghai under the name of VIA. Luna sliding doors are one of the products presented in the showroom.


Interior doors flush to wall: a choice of minimal and modern design

If minimalism and modernity are the sine qua non in the choice of furnishings for your rooms, even the interior doors will necessarily have to pass the test.


Moscow . Apartment near the Kremlin

In a very central area of Moscow, Res participated in the construction of a prestigious apartment, including its doors and boiserie.


Taramelli Headquarter

A lab office where work and agency meet in a dreamlike atmosphere: a place where everything can happen, be imagined and then realized. The glass walls are made of Stopsol, particularly bright and reflective: in the operational area has allowed the multiplication of the infinity of light reflections.


Interior doors: also in 2017 wood dominates the scene

Wood continues to dominate the field of interior doors: also in 2017, the trend seems reconfirmed by placing this material, characterized by heat and vitality, directly on the podium.


About interior doors: functions and types

Styles, colours and finishes are three essential parameters when we have to choose the interior doors of our house, office or any other environment.


Salone del Mobile 2017

Great interest and success among the national and international audience thanks to the new products Luna Zen and Doga system. You can find the info in the DOWNLOAD section.