Changing your kitchen doors? How about some tips

Are you pondering over whether to change your kitchen doors? Here are some tips to work best.


Which door handles should you choose

When the problem arises of which door handles to choose, for your various environments, you must take into account that the handles must match the doors.


Boiserie TV mounts? Equipped walls and design panels to furnish living spaces

Contemporary style boiserie that is designed to be real equipped walls, design panels that cover entire surfaces where you can insert functional elements (and not only aesthetic ones) that have the purpose of making the most of the available space.


Res meets Meztli

A day of training with the Indian agency Meztli, which selects the most exclusive design and designers, collaborating with more than 30 top-level brands, such as Res.


Modern boiserie (wall panels): furnishing applications

Can modern boiserie be used to furnish homes and living spaces in a contemporary style? What are the most suitable furnishing applications for modern boiserie currently available?


Res meets 50 russian Architects

The Salone del Mobile was an opportunity to meet a delegation of 50 architects from all over the Russian territory. During this day the latest Res news was presented.


Salone del Mobile 2018

Doga, Flexi, Wave, Luna, Fan, Singly, Twin. These are the products that Res presented at his stand during the Salone del Mobile. The main theme was the boiserie, which was very successful among the public who visited the exhibition. In addition to this, the new Res 2018 catalog was presented, with a wide selection of all the latest news.


Design TV furniture: the best solution to hide TV cables

"Hidden cables TV furniture" or "TV furniture with cable management" is one of the most appreciated design solution for the interior design of your TV area.


Interior doors to divide rooms

What is the goal of an interior door? Divide rooms, first of all, but also personalize them, present themselves as style elements, give the house personality.


Interior doors colour: how to choose

How to choose the colour of home interior doors keeping a perfect combination with floors, furniture, and in general with the environments style choices?