Interior doors colour: how to choose

How to choose the colour of home interior doors keeping a perfect combination with floors, furniture, and in general with the environments style choices?

The premise to keep in mind is that interior doors are a fundamental element of any home. They are an integral part not only of the rooms but also of the furnishings: the interior doors best define the personality of the house and its inhabitants, and for this reason it is essential that the choice of their colour is the result of a careful and measured reflection.

To choose the colour of the interior doors, therefore, first focus on a careful observation of the house, both in stylistic and spatial terms: how much space do you have? How many interior doors do you want to install? What colour prevails on walls, floors, furniture?

Remember that the colour of the interior doors should combine with the fixtures (of course), but also the floor and the walls. When we talk about combination we do not mean, of course, that everything will have to be of the same colour but we refer to the choice of a harmonic colour palette, where the various shades can integrate and match and give life, according to your needs or tastes, to difference of colours or continuity among the environments.

In any case, we would like to offer some general advice about the best choice of colour for your interior doors. The goal is always to give life to homogeneous and harmonious environments without creating annoying clashes: you can achieve it by choosing a precise style, as well as colour shades that can be associated with each other with the utmost naturalness.

In general, white lacquered doors fit well with dark tones, creating contrasts of modern style and suggestions that, with quality products, can be of real design. Interior doors in warm colours, and generally in natural colours such as wood, are more suitable for personalizing environments with more classic flooring, beige or sandy tones, as well as parquet flooring.

Among the evergreen interior doors are certainly those of whitened oak, which seem to have the ability to overcome the passing fad. They are the best on light-tone and dark-coloured floors, such as wengé, but also to fit well on parquet of their own material.

If your floors are dark, you can create an excellent contrast with glossy or lacquered white doors, possibly with essential and clean lines, capable of blend in the walls. So choose interior doors without edges and finishes, and you will have a perfect continuity of environments.

You should, on the contrary, avoid using dark doors with dark floors in order to avoid a gloomy and close atmosphere.

As far as the glass doors are concerned, they are of great personality and both transparent, smoky and more sophisticated doors, can be the ideal choice to highlight dark, shiny or opaque floors, as well as large clear walls.

Finally, be careful with the choice of colourful interior doors: they are extremely delicate and, if mistakenly matched, may create the much-feared eyesore: in the room you will notice only the door, as an element which does not fit. It should be remembered, however, that the most successful interior design is able to harmonize everything, creating fluid ensembles and astonish without disturbing excessively. Good choice!