Interior doors: also in 2017 wood dominates the scene

Wood continues to dominate the field of interior doorsalso in 2017, the trend seems reconfirmed by placing this material, characterized by heat and vitality, directly on the podium.

Fashionable textures aim to enhance grains and contrasts, but also the original tactile sensation of natural wood. The lines, although modern, adapt to the trend and reflect on panels and details in oak, chestnut, hemlock – just to name a few. With regard to the colour palettethe textural effect – greatly implemented by eventual oil treatments on the surfaces – is highlighted at its best in the most natural and burnished colours, but also in spectacular notes of anthracite and natural leather.

Wooden interior doors are, even today, the favourite choice of those who want to furnish highly stylish environments, characterized by a strong, welcoming and at the same time comfortable personality.

The grains on large surfaces seem to come alive and their irregularity becomes the perfect contrast to the clean, basic and icy lines that characterize the doors, but also for metal details – such as handles and hinges.

In its inevitable effect of merger and contrast, wood is and remains one of the most sought-after materials and highly regarded in the industry, regardless – it seems – of the latest trends.

The aesthetics of a door is partly due to design but also to the material which is the essential element that makes the difference.

Therefore, in 2017 fine and refined wood will be preferred for interior doorsLuxury becomes real through items in white ebony– which can be used only in the case where the tree falls naturally, but also in Ziricote. The latter, nicknamed “wood of bones” for its amazing grains which recall an x-ray of the human body, as if it were a plant extension of the Vitruvian man by Leonardo, is still in the list of the finest woods for doors.

Then there is the Zebrano, which in Interior Design seems to find its ideal destination especially for the details of cars and luxury yachts, and the Bocote, with its golden tones embellished with darker grains and a striking beauty pattern.