How to clean the interior doors

In order to keep the interior doors in good condition and significantly increase their durability it is very important to clean them correctly. Interior doors are important furnishing elements and for this reason it is essential to clean them in the most appropriate way without damaging their surfaces in order to have functional and attractive doors.

First of all, interior doors should be regularly dusted with a delicate cloth so as to avoid unnecessary deposits of dust on their surfaces and in the corners which are most difficult to reach.

deep cleaning should be carried out periodically in a very careful way: remember that keeping the aesthetics of the interior doors intact also contributes to prolonging their durability. A badly handled interior door is will have to be replaced sooner or later.

It is sufficient to comply with some ground rules to clean the interior doors: if the doors are in wood, the first thing to remember is to avoid cleaning them with too aggressive products. For instance, classical degreasing products do not perform any kind of protective action against wood and can also damage it.

In general, you should clean the interior doors using a simple 90% water solution and 10% alcohol. Then use a clean, soft, damp, but not soaked cloth to clean the surface and remove dust and dirt. Of course, a special attention should be paid to corners and slits to eliminate any residues. Finally, the whole surface should be wiped up with a dry cloth so as to avoid any moisture deposit.

If your interior doors are made of polished wood, you can use a specific furniture or virgin wax product, which will be rubbed well on the entire surface using a dry cloth.

Lacquered doors are generally cleaned with a slightly moistened shammy insisting on the most dirty areas. In the case of a metal door, such as the garage door, you can use a mixture of water and bicarbonate, with the addition of a drop of dishwashing detergent if there is a particularly obstinate dirt or oily dirt.

On the other hand, plastic interior doors will be washed with simple hot water and dishwashing detergent, followed by regular rinsing and drying. To polish them, you can use a glass cleaner taking care to spray the product on the cloth and not on the door. As for the interior doors hardware, it will be cleaned once a year. In this case it will be enough to intervene with a neutral detergent that will be rinsed. More over, remember that doors should always be washed from bottom to top and not otherwise!

And what about handles and locks? In addition to normal cleaning, they can be polished with a detergent for brass or steel on a soft cloth, depending on the material. However, it is essential to protect the surface of the door with a roll of paper tape so that it does not come into contact with detergents that may be too aggressive or even detrimental. Finally, be sure to clean the sliding doors that, in their own conformation, hide an unexposed part and will therefore require more attention and a periodic, accurate cleaning. The accumulation of dust and dirt in this type of door is mostly in the area of the bristles: to clean it use a dry cotton cloth, moving down gently.