Boiserie TV mounts? Equipped walls and design panels to furnish living spaces

Have you ever heard of a TV boiserie mount? Or, more specifically, of contemporary style boiserie that is designed to be real equipped walls, design panels that cover entire surfaces where you can insert functional elements (and not only aesthetic ones) that have the purpose of making the most of the available space?

TV boiserie mounts are, in fact, not only simple pieces of furniture that allow you to create suspended “TV mounts”, but design structures that define the personality of the entire living spaceTV boiserie mounts transform the TV screen into a sort of suspended “virtual window“, giving the visual perception of an opening inside an equipped wall and that, to the eye, guarantees airiness and style.

When buy or request an ad hoc design of a TV boiserie mount, it is important to remember that these wall units are designed to decorate the vertical surfaces of the rooms with style. If in ancient times (even since the Middle Ages) boiserie was a wooden decoration used in noble palaces, the current applications allow us to interpret this essential furnishing element so that it meets the most varied aesthetic and performance needs.

TV boiserie mounts and, more generally, modern boiseries and equipped walls are ideal for making the best use of vertical surfaces both in large rooms and in smaller rooms, not only for the intrinsic design they guarantee but also for the great differentiation of the living spaces that they contribute to.

Do not think that TV boiserie mounts are necessarily sumptuous solutions: in their most contemporary versions, these elements can now present themselves as true minimal items, which personalise the wall without overdoing things. Not only ornamental in character, therefore, but also an utmost real utility.

TV boiserie mounts and equipped walls: RES solutions

RES, an Italian brand of international importance and prestige specialising in doors, locking systems, boiserie and interior design elements, offers its customers a wide range of solutions and coatings for those who want to redefine the style of their walls.

So let’s look at RES solutions in terms of modern boiserie:

  • Doga: not just a simple TV boiserie mount, but a complete renewal of the concept of wall panelling, interpreting more sophisticated and contemporary terms. We do not have only panels that cover the wall, but elements of style that give character and personality to the living spaces. The vertical slats, a characteristic of the Doga solution, create plays of light and depth. The system is completed by hinged or sliding doors, by niche-closing doors, and has an integrated predisposition for TV, TV cabinets and shelves.
  • Singly: a TV boiserie mounts that represents the new concept of space management and distribution designed for the home, office, shops, hotels. This modern boiserie allows the creation of self-supporting walls that contain hinged doors or walls positioned to cover the walls. It can combine various materials such as porcelain stoneware, retro-lacquered or reflective glass, wood, lightened marble or any type of surface on a panel. The completeness of this modern boiserie is really noteworthy: from the fixed transom top corners, including integrated lower LEDs into the panelling and also LEDs integrated into the door thanks to electrified hinges. Not only: Singly also includes the possibility of inserting electric locks or other home automation devices. Lastly, there are suspended storage boxes or storage cabinets with open shelves or closing doors, in wood or glass.
  • Wave: why limit yourself to a simple TV boiserie mount when you can have far more? Furrows that intersect and modulate the flat surface, creating chiaroscuro and particular plays of light. Like a sculpture with details of a strong aesthetic and formal characterisation. A moulded surface, apparently irregular, is the creative input of this project. The result is a wall covering that integrates various elements, including hinged doors. Wave, in all the standard dimensions of a hinged door, is available in matt lacquered, glossy lacquered finishes.