Which door handles should you choose

When the problem arises of which door handles to choose, for your various environments, you must take into account that the handles must match the doors and that the latter must guarantee a perfect synergy with the rooms and style of your home, office or representative place that you intend to set up.

Starting from this assumption, it is easy to understand how a correct choice in terms of door handles strongly influences the aesthetics of a living space since these components are proper pieces of furniture and design that give style and personality.

In general, a number of factors must be taken into account to choose the most suitable door handles :

  • Colours
  • Finishes
  • Materials
  • Shapes
  • Style

For each of these, performance and high aesthetic value must always be taken into consideration.

Let’s take a look at some examples of the standard combination of doors and handles, starting from the most well-known models and styles, to allow you to understand the general rules that should always be applied:

  • Handles for wooden doors: if you love these classic and traditional solutions, which make the interior warm and welcoming, you can consider the choice of handles with gold, chrome or bronze finishes, particularly suitable for dark wood essences. If your doors are made of light wood, we advise you to focus on handles with matt or steel finishes, both in glossy or satin versions. Also with regard to the style of the doors, essentiality can be accompanied by the choice of more modern materials and colours for the handles, while the handles in gold or burnished bronze will match well with more classic doors.
  • Handles for coloured doors: if you have chosen coloured doors for your rooms, you will first have to identify the dominant and recurrent shade so as to create perfect harmony and not, on the contrary, an alienating effect to the eye. If your doors are yellow, you can use semi-transparent acrylic door handles, which recall the chromatic nuances without exasperating them. In other cases, and especially if the doors are colourfully very bright, choosing a neutral colour for the handle will be the winning solution.
  • Handles for glass doors: when the doors have completely glazed surfaces or glass or crystal panels, it is essential to identify their style well. Minimalist or classic? Squared or rounded? It is based on aesthetics and form that you will have to choose your door handles. The squared lines are perfect for a tidy and rigorous effect, while the more curvaceous ones will allow you to soften the visual impact.

The ones we presented are just some of the many combinations that can be created between door handles, surfaces and room styles. However, if your interior design solutions are unique, special and specifically designed, the advice of professional experts such as those made available by RES will always prove to be the ideal solution to create perfect combinations.