Interior sliding doors

For over 50 years, RES has been the leading company in the design and production of custom-made interior sliding doors. An eye for design and attention to aesthetics and functionality are just some of the features which distinguish the solutions of this brand, which has been able to carry around the world its Made in Italy doors.

Born in Brianza in 1962, it is a famous production centre for the quality of its furniture and accessories. The company has always dedicated to the design and manufacture of interior doors and systems and, in short, it has conquered the Russian and American market.

Interior sliding doors

Nowadays, RES interior sliding doors are in the United States, Canada, India, China, Benelux, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Russia, and the brand begins to open its market to other international markets, such as Mexico, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Singapore.

RES interior sliding doors are capable of changing a pleasant environment to extraordinary.

They come from the creative direction of the designer Massimo Cavana and they are customisable in every aspect in order to integrate smoothly and immediately to any destination: homes, offices, representative places

Interior sliding doors: highly appealing solutions

Choose an interior sliding door for your environment to give your rooms a breath of freshness and a unique personality, as well as expand and optimize spaces. You can choose interior sliding doors with an architectural design geared to modernity and modern designs, ideal for both public and private environments in order to take advantage of every useful space.

In practical terms, a very high quality sliding system such as that proposed by RES solutions allows to regain surfaces that otherwise would have been lost, uninhabitable or barely usable. Interior sliding doors are in fact able to create in the environment an open space which can make the difference.

An example is the Dorsia model, with UTR design capable of giving life to a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. This system, created for installation in spaces with a copious flow of people, allows a two-way opening of the door and even prevents punctures on the floors and ceilings.

The Levia system was created to harmonize the spaces thanks to its elegance and contemporary design lines, accompanied by superior quality materials and construction techniques of the latest generation. For this reason, this door furniture is considered one of the best innovations.

Also Dorsia, with patented hinge in 2004, is composed of an anodized aluminum frame and a wide range of glasses, so as to satisfy any requirement embodiment. In this way, an already highly innovative design is completed with a high level of customization, creating a unique, unrepeatable solution.

RES and its vibrant creativity will accompany you in furnishing your public and private environments across a range of endless and always custom-made solutions. Contact us for any information: we will help you to create the greatest internal sliding doors you can ever imagine.

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