Design interior doors

Since 1962, Res Srl has been the number one referent in the world for the design and production of the best design interior doors. Thanks to our commitment, in a know-how increasingly deepened and a continuous search for new, beautiful, functional ideas, we have created a project able to mix passion and technique.

The result is the production of design interior doors for endless environments in Italy, the USA, Canada, Russia, Hong Kong, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey.

Appreciation is constant everywhere, because RES Srl design interior doors  are much more than just a piece of furniture. They are made up of technology and style, aesthetic appeal and performance, quality of materials and absolute attention to details.


Design interior doors

Design interior doors: how to choose

Design interior doors are particularly ideal to decorate and make modern environments more functional. The importance of choosing the most suitable interior doors for your home or office  should not be underestimated, especially in order to make them more comfortable, liveable and airy. Both in case of new constructions and renovations, the choice of interior doors affects functional and aesthetic aspects. There are various opening systems of design interior doors which must be studied carefully in order to define the most correct solution for each environment.

  • Swing interior doors: they open inward or outward the room and, once open, they give life to a space that should certainly be considered during the design of spaces. They can be equipped with frame or without – in the latter case, it is a swing door flush to wall which disappear, becoming a part of the wall.
  • Interior sliding pocket doors: they can be inside the wall or flush to wall. In the first case they are known by the term “sliding pocket doors”, since, once opened, they disappear inside the wall. The undeniable advantage of this solution is the substantial reduction of the unused spaces in the room.
  • Interior bifold doors: they are characterized by particular openings which create a real “package” and provide a minimal amount of space. They can also be closed as a book, they occupy a minimum space and their installation must be evaluated during the design phase.

There are various assessments to be made in the choice of interior doors: each opening should be considered individually, as well as the space that it occupies. The size is very important as it requires at least 80 cm of net opening for the passage which can be reduced to 70 cm in  bathrooms, basements, hallways or closets. Beyond the clear opening width, we must consider the increased space on the wall provided for the installation of certain design interior doors, such as the interior sliding pocket doors. The total freedom of furnishing is one of the many advantages of this solution. Please contact us for a free consultation on the best design doors for your environments.

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