Custom-made interior doors

For the realization of custom-made interior doors, characterized by high quality, maximum customization and level design, RES is the ideal reference. Since 1962 we have been designing and producing custom-made interior doors to the highest functional and aesthetic canons, capable of carrying around the world the prestige that characterizes the Made in Italy furniture components.

RES custom-made interior doors come to life in one of the most renowned production centres of the country, the Brianza, and are exported all over the world – from the USA to Canada, from Benelux to Cyprus from Dubai to India and Turkey. All the brand products are characterized by a careful design, which combine design, functionality, durability, quality: concave and convex leaves, flush to wall jambs, maximum coplanarity, magnetic locks, modern frames or with a strong retro style are just some of the features that characterize our interior doors.

Custom-made interior doors

Custom-made interior doors: types

Interior doors are a decorative element of great importance for the appeal and functionality of a home. For this reason all their characteristics should be evaluated carefully, in order to identify not only the type, but also the environment in which it will be installed. As for the available types, we could include:

  • Interior sliding pocket doors: they slide along a track in a subframe and “disappear” within the wall, becoming invisible. They are ideal for small surface houses, and can be completely customized or built with two leaves.
  • Interior bifold doors: they are made up of two or three elements folding on each other. Generally, they are indicated to close spaces such as closets, or service bathrooms.
  • Interior swing doors: they represent the most common type of doors and are characterized by a leaf which rotates on hinges placed on one side.
  • Vertical pivot interior doors: their peculiarity is the rotation of the door on two pins, one placed in the ceiling and the other to the floor. They are ideal solutions for spectacular openings and, like all the previous ones, they can be fully customized.

This brief overview gives you the chance to make a first assessment of the custom-made interior doors ideal for the environment that you want to furnish, whether it is a house, an office or a place of representation. The great experience of RES and its countless design solutions allow you to locate the perfect product: please contact us for a consultation without obligation.

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