Interior doors for offices

For many brands, the office is the environment which fully represents the company’s identity, its vision and mission. Offices are the representative environments where you live a real dimension parallel to your home dimension.

Every detail is designed with great care: the choice of furniture necessarily traces tastes and characteristics of the company, as well as the furnishings which identify passions and qualities.
It’s important, for this reason, that the choice of interior doors for offices respects the same canons of consistency, solidity and identity.

Interior doors for offices are much more than an instrument to separate environments; they are also a component of the same environment in which they are installed. The definition of materials, finishes, colours is only a small part of the detailed design of the interior doors of offices.

Interior doors for offices

Interior doors for offices: different goals

As already mentioned, interior doors for offices have various and different purposes and goals. Each of them will have to be examined from the time of design, so as to give life to high-performance solutions in line both with the customer’s requirements and the company’s identity:

  • Division of environments: interior doors for offices divide the various spaces of the building, a single office from another or from an open space, a meeting room from a waiting room, a server room from a meeting room and so on. Not all interior doors for offices must be necessarily identical, and some of them may on the contrary be a kind of exclusive “seal” to define the area they delimit.
  • Furnishing elements: interior doors for offices are also furnishing elements which find agreement and harmony with the other components of the environment. Since the offices can be perceived as a sort of calling card, it is important that the selection of interior doors is carried out in the perfect balance of materials, geometries and performance that the customer expects. In this sense, the intervention of an interior designer will determine which solutions are more appropriate and harmonious with the identity of the brand.
  • Functional components: interior doors of offices can be designed and realized in compliance with certain functional and performance specifications. In this sense, interior designers will define the best locking system, the most appropriate size, the correct position within the environment.

Interior doors for offices: solutions by Res Italia

Res Italia, which relies on the talent of the renowned designer Massimo Cavana, creative director of the brand, has been manufacturing systems and doors since the beginning of the sixties.

Res Italia is the best partner for the design and manufacture of interior doors for offices, solutions able to create a perfect mix between the excellence of Made in Italy and the performance of the latest technologies.
Res, specialized in the manufacture of doors and systems for both private and professional environments, is chosen from the best brands all around the world which decide to set up their representative environments with a touch of unique and irreplaceable Italian style.

Res Italia is currently distributed worldwide, in the United States, Canada, Benelux, Dubai, Cyprus, Turkey, India and Hong Kong, and it is also expanding into international territories – particularly in Kazakistan, Azerbaijan, Romania, Ghana and Mexico.

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