Doors for hotel

Doors for hotels are an important element for the furniture and structuring of accommodation facilities. This type of furniture should respect precise characteristics in order to guarantee safety and durability.

In particular, as regards the fundamental aspect of safety the doors for hotels must be REI certified, that is to say that architectural elements are fireproof.
This type of interior door is the best not only for hotels and guesthouses, but also for other types of accomodation facilities such as residences, communities and schools.

The acronym REI, when applied to doors for hotels (but not only), means specific characteristics:

  • R is the mechanical resistance to fire exposure for a given number of minutes
  • E is the ability to prevent the passage or the production of fire or smoke to the opposite side of the one where the fire flares up
  • I is the thermal insulation approach to reduce the transmission of heat from one side of the door to the other, as well as to maintain within specified limits (generally around 150 degrees) the temperature of the door.
Doors for hotel

As already mentioned, all the REI doors for hotels must be subjected to a specific certification that follows precise laboratory tests. The fire resistance must not concern only the surface of the door, but also the other components of the item, such as the handle, the hinges and gaskets.
In particular, the gaskets must be intumescent: they must swell with the heat without melting or burning, or produce noxious fumes.

These are some of the most important characteristics concerning the doors for hotels which, however, do not have the sole purpose of guarding staff and guests from the danger of fire. In the choice of doors for hotels, the accomodation structures must in fact also refer to specific aesthetic and functional characteristics so as to give rise to harmonic and elegant environments, consistent with the brand image that they represent.

For this reason the doors for hotels are almost always the result of a careful choice among the most popular and technologically advanced producers worldwide. Res Italia stands out in this scene as a reference of excellence in terms of design and manufacture of the best doors for hotels characterized by absolute quality and Italian style.

The Monza brand, on the market since 1962 and now widely spread throughout the world, designs and manufactures doors and systems for any type of environment, from the house to the office, to contract. Res Italia is the best partner of many brands, it is globally known for the quality and versatility of its products, all characterized by absolute design, high quality aesthetics and maximum functional performance.

If you choose Res Italia for the design of your doors for hotels you will benefit from the collaboration of a brand whose calling card is the Made in Italy and an excellent manufacturing thanks to the unmistakable imprint of the designer Massimo Cavana, able to offer unique solutions for inimitable environments.
Contact us for a no-obligation consultation for the best doors for your hotel.

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