Closet doors

Closet doors are one of the most requested interior design items both in existing and new or renovated environments. Usually, it is essential to ask the assistance of a professional for this type of complement, which will have to be in accordance with the technical rules: closet doors will have to integrate with the style of the environment and at the same time represent an elegant and functional interior design item.

The presence of doors for closets encloses a very special space totally dedicated to clothes and shoes, which replaces the classic wardrobe. We could speak of the closet as a room within a room, and for this reason it is especially important the intervention of a designer who, by structuring both the spaces provided for clothes ad the closet doors, will create a light and bright area.

Closet doors

The closet doors will have to be designed according to a series of requirements such as design, choice of colours, size of the opening modes: swing or folding? Sliding or classical?
A particular attention should be given to the choice of materials and finishes: closet doors can in fact be realized in a variety of woods, but also glass, glass and metal, or may have a mirror surface.

The best solution will be decided by the interior designer according to the size of the area, its brightness, style and functionality. Transparent or semi transparent glass closet doors, for example, partially mask the environment of the closet, but have the huge advantage of offering an effect of greater openness and brightness to the room. At the same time, opaque closet doors completely mask the closet, but make the area darker and are indicatively more suitable for larger surface areas.

The rooms where you want to install swing doors for closet which close in a traditional way, very similar to the most popular interior doors which divide the environments, should be extremely airy. There are also the so-called flush to wall doors, which offer a hidden jamb and a minimalist style also highlighted by the absence of frames: in this case, the camouflage effect of the doors of the closet is guaranteed.

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